Michael Swanson Fine Art
Born in Europe, Michael Swanson came to North America as a young boy in the 1950’s. Largely self taught, his natural talent has been recognized by collectors throughout America.
Published by Mill Pond Press
& a past member of the Society of Illustrators (Los Angeles), his work is as diverse as it is unique.

He has won his share of awards; Winsor & Newton, the world premier oil paint manufacturer, has honoured him twice while Australia's International Artist Magazine featured an in-depth article on Michael's art and painting methods.
Tim Hortons commissioned Michael to create six 3’ x 4’ original oils and in 2015 a seventh one. From a one man show in France to Wayne Gretzky’s Autobiography book, his work continues to be appreciated locally and internationally by those who value collectable quality art.

"With each stroke of paint, artists like Michael Swanson bring you an experience that becomes more intriguing the longer you stare at the image" M. STEPHEN DOHERTY editor-in-chief
American Artist Magazine

Along with selected commissions Michael enjoys painting Canadian scenery and other challenging
subjects from his studio in Southern Ontario.



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