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To paint it or not to paint it has always been the question for me. Specifically; Do I have enough emotional stamina to get into and follow through with the painting I am about to start?
To me the act of painting is not only to release or define an emotion, it is to create a work of art worthy of the time it takes to execute it. I believe craftsmanship is an important ingredient in any art whether a landscape, an abstract graphic or building a bird house. Furthermore, if you paint realism, getting a quality likeness is also important.
I donít necessarily mean one has to match a photograph; my main concern is to achieve the character of likeness that tells the viewer in no uncertain terms what it is, preferably with the added character of a self assured execution.
We all develop a style subconsciously once you have created paintings for any lenght of period, how we instinctively paint is who we are and generally how viewers recognize an artistís work. Some consciously create a signature style that certain viewers gravitate to hoping to help sales; others simply copy styles that they like.
I like to create an individual style that matches how I feel about a particular subject I'm about to paint, so my work is all over the place when it comes to style. Realism and painting landscapes to me is not just to create a likeness verbatim but rather to make a statement with each piece that personifies that particular subject.

I believe it is the artistís job to intrepid any subject their way in order to make the point of how a picture speaks to the viewer. To this end many of my apparently real landscapes are often conglomerations of how I feel about a subject rather than actual places.

"A solitary artist reminiscent of the French Impressionist, the great American Illustrators and the many artists who came before, Michaelís work stands defiantly against much of the absurdities of the modern world."
Ed Kennedy, Heritage Gallery



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