AVRO ARROW "Ghost Flight RL206"

A Painting by Michael Swanson

In the 1950's Canada's Avro Arrow was one of the leading technological projects in the world.

Airframe 1 through 5 flew many test flights, continually breaking various records of the day
while powered with approx. 16,000 lb. thrust, Pratt and Whitney J.75 engines.
"In painting Ghost Flight RL-206, I chose to portray the last airframe finished, (which never flew)
as it would surely have looked in it's element, climbing to height in the clear blue skies of Canada."

No. 206 the 6th and first Mark 2 airframe with the powerful new 29,000 lb. thrust Orenda Iroquois engine,
was a matter of days away from flying when cancelled. It's guaranteed record-breaking performance
had it flown, would have made the project more difficult for the government of the day to scrap.

"I recall flying over death row, the area where the existing fuselages where being dismantled
I wonder now, "What if we had kept at least one of them flying? . . .If only to celebrate our nation's ability."
The tragedy was not in its dimise, the tragedy was the scrapping of the entire fleet!

Imagine the lost high-tech & industrial possibilities for Canada!

Canada's Avro Arrow

"Ghost Flight RL-206"

(Frames nicely as a 16" x 20" picture)

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The Artist in the cockpit of the Arrow 103 replica



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