If you have a favorite place in this world, a passion for things or just want to leave a
portrait legacy for future generations, history has proven that there is nothing more
rewarding & lasting than an original fine art masterpiece done in oils on canvas
by one of Canada's top award winning artist.

Indulge yourself in a Fine Art Commission as some of the most discerning
individuals have already done, see just a few of many below.

To check out the possibilities, please contact me by Email
Tel. +1 519 752-1116 or 519 755-2476

Under The Tuscan Sky
  "Under The Tuscan Sky" 32" x 48" oil/canvas - Private commission for Mr & Mrs O'Connell  

Sugarbush Road
  "Sugarbush Road" 20" x 24" oil/canvas - Private commission for Mr & Mrs Jack Robillard  

THCF Kananaskis Camp
  Tim Hortons Childrens Camp - Kananaskis, ALTA 1 of 6 - Commissioned by Mr Ron Joyce 

Walter Gretzky & Goalie Eddy Mio
  Walter Gretzky with Goalie Eddy Mio, oil/canvas - Private collection of Mr & Mrs Wayne Gretzky 

1930 Oceanliner
  1930's Ocean Liner "The Majestic" 32" x 40" oil/canvas - Private collection of Mr & Mrs R.Rodgers 

Lady Katherine
  "Lady Katherine" 18" x 24" Mill Pond Press, Venice FL - oil/canvas 

The Perfect Storm
  "The Perfect Storm" 22" x 30" Commissioned by Mr. C. Dendecker - oil/canvas 

Oakville House
  "Oakville House" 24" x 30" Commissioned by Mr & Mrs Westlake - oil/canvas 

Sawmill Creek
  "Sawmill Creek" 24" x 40" Commissioned by Mr & Mrs Wiebe - oil/canvas 

Sea Plane
  "Sea Plane" 24" x 30" Private Commission for Mr Ron Joyce - oil/canvas 

Wayne Gretzky
  "Wayne Gretzky" 20" x 30" Commissioned for the W G Tennis Classic, Private collection - oil/panel 

The Road Home
  "The Road Home" 30" x 40" - Private commission for Mr & Mrs P Vicano - oil/canvas 

Fishing Muskoka Falls
  "Good Fishing" 20" x 24" oil/canvas - Private commission for Mr & Mrs Hawkins-Gignac 

"Michael can sure capture the spirit of a subject" Mr. Ron Joyce - Burlington ON

"Thank You Michael, your work is very special to me" Mr. Wayne Gretzky - Lost Angeles

"Your painting of GGII really turned out good" Brig.General (Chuck) Yeager - USAF Ret.

With each stroke of paint, artists like Michael Swanson bring you an experience
that becomes more intriguing the longer you stare at the image"
1996 M. STEPHEN DOHERTY editor-in-chief American Artist Magazine


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